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13 kisses! still working hard at this whole writing funk thing

can you hear this song
pg-13, inspired by this |

The cold outside seeps into the practice room this winter evening, chilling to the bones, but there's a particular brand of warmth Chanyeol associates with Jongdae's smile that quenches the cold. They're just sitting around, chatting about nothing in particular, Jongdae singing along to Chanyeol's absent strumming. It's comfy, how Jongdae's voice weaves with his guitar playing to tunnel into his ears - it's probably got more to do with how Chanyeol's been feeling for Jongdae lately than just purely Chanyeol's penchant for his voice. Chanyeol's never fallen for a best friend before, but there's only ever quiet familiarity with a buzz of excitement when it comes to Jongdae.

Jongdae sings, Chanyeol plays somewhat on autopilot, still thinking about all this, when he finds himself tracing the look of Jongdae's lips as he sings, mouthing the words to First Snow, leaving Chanyeol quite breathless with how much he wants to lean forward.

"What." Chanyeol only realises he's stopped strumming when Jongdae laughs. "Why are you looking at me like that." Jongdae's lashes, stark against his skin, are Chanyeol's personal ninth wonder of the world, after his funky hips. There's only a moment of deliberation before - oh, what the hell.

There's a little sound - of surprise, pleasure, laughter - when Chanyeol goes right ahead and meets Jongdae's lips, so cute that Chanyeol should have known it came from Jongdae, except it so accurately expresses his feelings, before he can pull back to assess the damage/results. It's -

Jongdae's laugh, again, at the sheepish look Chanyeol can't help, tingles down Chanyeol's spine as he curls his fingers around Chanyeol's collar to tug him close. "My turn, then," Jongdae laughs, and Chanyeol can't even care about the edge of his guitar digging into his ribs.

r |

If it was Baekhyun that told Jongin Chanyeol's secret kink was him in a slip, then Chanyeol's going to kill him, because Baekhyun is probably in the midst of filming Chanyeol and his very apparent boner right now. If it was Jongdae, well, then Chanyeol really owes him a meal.

Jongin's idea of a good birthday present is presenting himself with a slip, a ribbon tying the front together so Chanyeol can literally unwrap himself, and climbing into Chanyeol's lap.

"Baekhyun and Jongdae told me your secret kink is me in a slip," Jongin says rather matter-of-factly. There is, nevertheless, a smudge of red on Jongin's cheeks, and Chanyeol's hands are gravitating on their own to land, snugly, over Jongin's silk-clothed hips. The rustle of the material is sleek and smooth, just making the curl of hot pleasure unfurl further at the bottom of Chanyeol's tummy. It's so hot in the room that Chanyeol quite welcomes Jongin's straying hands all over as distractions, popping the first button of his shirt open.

"Really," Chanyeol says as Jongin slides a little closer, so the friction of Chanyeol's jeans against his dick and the warmth of Jongin's against his is delicious enough to make Chanyeol shudder, and when Jongin slips his tongue in Chanyeol's mouth he really has to make a note to treat both Baekhyun and Jongdae to a meal. Hell, treat the entirety of the SM building if he has to.

light filled nook
pg |

The thing about dating your bandmate, Kyungsoo thinks, is that it gets really, really trying when cameras are in your face every time you want to kiss him. It's the most adverse of circumstances - out in the freezing cold, wrapped up in puffy jackets so big he might not reach Jongdae even if their jackets were touching, the knifing wind shredding their cheeks, dealing with all of their other bandmates' shit about their bad culinary techniques.

Still, Kyungsoo wants to kiss Jongdae, when he makes a little bobble of excitement tasting a piece of meat he'd grilled, when he says "we were supposed to grill meat, and then go up and have a happy time together, what happened," when his meat falls on the floor with a particularly vengeful gust of wind. Kyungsoo's a sucker for softies.

Even so, Kyungsoo has to contend with the two cameras, and he doesn't, of course. But when Jongdae blows on one beautifully grilled piece of meat and hands it over to Kyungsoo, brushing his warm fingers against Kyungsoo's numb lips, Kyungsoo'll take the small victories.

one day
pg-13 |

Perhaps the giggle, so light and bubbly that Sehun could not be careless enough to imagine Baekhyun means anything, that comes right after his kisses, is the reason why the brush of Baekhyun's lips against Sehun's cheek started hurting so much.

faint of heart
g |

Jongin is, by all definitions, scared of ghosts (but don't tell Taemin that). Fucking scared of ghosts, and that means that when Showtime has a segment on Everland's haunted house it means Jongin is really, really spooked, even all the way back to the dorms in the car, after his shower. He never went in the haunted house all the times he's been to Everland for a reason, come on. The images of that ghost that had -

"Boo!" There's a clammy hand around Jongin's ankle and fuck - Chanyeol had gotten that one in the haunted house, not him, was this revenge -

He's yelling for a good couple of seconds before he realises that's Jongdae's laughter he's hearing, and Jongdae's arms around himself strapping his arms by his side in a bone-crushing hug -

"Hyung," the whine escapes before he can stop himself, but Jongdae's tight hold on him is the classic warmth and playfulness Jongin has come to associate with this hyung that's like a younger brother in some ways, but so dependable and kind in others. Jongdae has his face pressed against Jongin's neck, still laughing, and though this non-apology is the one that always follows Jongdae's bouts of mischief, his giggles into Jongin's skin and the hug he has Jongin in somehow magic the spooks away - Jongdae is the strongest heart around, after all.

the stars packed in your suitcase
g |

There've been enough schedules and practices, schedules and practices back to back to wring Minseok dry - he's long lost track of which crew the cameras always in his field of vision belong to. They need to practice, but Minseok's really only half following what's going on, and it's beyond any of his limbs, or eyelids, to move, get up and stretch like what Junmyeon and Zitao are doing. Minseok hadn't slept a wink last night - there's a point of tiredness you get to, beyond which you just stare at the ceiling and think nothing.

"Hyung," comes a voice quiet but soothing amidst the cacophony of the others' chatter, a gentle hand slipping under Minseok's head to smooth over the back of his neck. "Are you okay?"

Minseok discovers smiling is easier than he'd thought. Something about Yixing's voice. "Yeah. Kinda." He doesn't even need to open his eyes to know what's coming next, how Yixing must look as he slowly rubs the knot in Minseok's neck undone.

Yixing doesn't say anything else, after that, just keeps at the massage, and it's so comforting that Minseok's eyelids soon melt shut in fatigue. He's halfway into slumber when there's a flutter on his forehead, so light that Minseok wonders if he's imagined it. Fighting the vestiges of sleep to wrench his eyes open, though, he meets Yixing's mild smile.

"Better?" There's a twinkle in Yixing's eyes, which is all Minseok needs, really.

"Better," Minseok grins, and lets Yixing pull him to his feet to start practice.

pg-13 |

Kyungsoo's lost count of the number of times they've quarrelled so hard he'd scared himself with the amount of annoyance he'd find in Baekhyun's every move, wondered if this much annoyance could exist for someone he loves. His answer was, quite simply, that he did not, not anymore. It'd been dumb, when Baekhyun had first took his hand and kissed him, declared that they were dating when Kyungsoo asked - Kyungsoo had been excited, too, then, for this person he both loved and liked, someone who tickled his heart and made him laugh and remembered things about him to poke just enough where he did not want to yield. Push and pull - it's always been a game with Baekhyun, but Kyungsoo is tired of the game, the balancing act neither of them have the stamina to keep up.

It's amicable, at least. Kyungsoo brings it up over lunch, Baekhyun swallows the gulpful of drink that had been in his mouth, and gives Kyungsoo a sad little smile. Kyungsoo shelves the little question nibbling away at the back of his head: would they really be better off as friends?

Later, before they part ways at the restaurant, Baekhyun leaves a last goodbye on Kyungsoo's lips, one that tastes of the things they could have been. The extent of the bitterness it gives, Kyungsoo thinks, is a sufficient answer.

bright eyes, blue skies
g |

"You were great, Jjeutao," Minseok shakes a thumbs-up in his face, and, on impulse, presses a kiss to Zitao's cheek. Sometimes all Zitao needs is someone to say he's doing well, and Minseok's always more than happy to give him that. "Are great. Don't worry about those people on the internet."

"Zitao, hyung," Zitao says, correcting Minseok's Chinese pronunciation like the vicious comments hadn't bothered him at all, but the crinkling of his eyes and his blush - it hits Minseok, then, that Zitao is really just barely out of his teens, really a young boy fumbling in the dark for a dream like all of them are. It’s not often that he gets to see this Zitao, because Zitao is bent on growing up, so Minseok ruffles his hair deciding that he likes this Zitao best.

over easy
g |




"What," Jongdae says, more than a little frustrated at getting confused for the umpteenth time about Chinese sentence structure, and Sehun's really not helping.

"Hyung, let's go watch Pacific Rim together, no one else is at home."

"I'm studying," Jongdae tells him, and thinks that's the end of that. Except he really should have known.

He only really discovers it when he's rifling through his entire stack of papers and turned his workbook upside down to find his pencil to no avail - Sehun's quiet, breathy goat bleats of mischief carry over from the living room audibly.

"YAH, you shit," Jongdae glares, so eager to get this entire Chinese exercise over with that his usual playfulness with Sehun is almost gone. (Not really. But sometimes you have to pull out the big guns with Sehun.)

Sehun is nowhere near intimidated, going by the string of kekekes that shakes his shoulders as he steals over to leave Jongdae's pencil by the edge of the table, but at the flying kiss Sehun presses to his cheek and the quiet "hwaiting, hyung," well, fuck if Jongdae can find anything in himself to stay mad.

the answer to gillyweed
pg |

In some circumstances, being Baekhyun's friend has its perks. Baekhyun always saves himself an extra serving of treacle tart for dessert, which means Jongdae gets half of that even though he eats slowly and always misses dessert before it disappears, knows the ways through Prefects Kris and Junmyeon to get the correct homework answers for Potions and Charms off, saves Jongdae a spot by the lake to spy on pretty girls and chat Quidditch. On this sweltering Saturday afternoon, it's literally all that Jongdae wants - the slight lake breeze is tons better than any sort of conjured draft in the castle.

"It's so hot," Jongdae complains and flops down on the grass patch tummy down, waving his legs around behind him. "It's too hot to do anything." Baekhyun and him had long given up on the two scrolls of parchment required for History of Magic, choosing instead to play a game of soccer with pebbles they'd invented.

"Take a dip," Baekhyun suggests, lazily draping his legs on top of Jongdae's back, like he doesn't already know that Jongdae can't swim. Jongdae rolls over to shove them unceremoniously on the ground, rolling Baekhyun closer to the edge of the lake.

"You firs-" Jongdae ends his word in a squeal, squirming away because Baekhyun's fingers are scrabbling in his side and Baekhyun knows the exact spots where Jongdae is ticklish. There's a tussle, where they roll around on the ground play fighting till -

"FUCK," Jongdae attempts yelling and gets a gulpful of lake water for his efforts, splashing around panicking next to Baekhyun, who seems to have disappeared - the water comes up again above his head and he's - going to die -

The next thing Jongdae knows, he's lying on his back, Baekhyun's lips are on his, and he's coughing up water from his throat - what?

The water takes some time to rid itself from his throat, and by then Baekhyun is sitting back on his heels, sopping wet and wringing water out of his hair. "You really can't fucking swim," he says looking down at Jongdae.

"What were you doing," Jongdae manages, red in the face from the coughing. Mostly the coughing. His ears are on fire.

"Saving your life," Baekhyun says with a twinkle in his eyes, getting to his feet. "It's a Muggle thing, don't think too much about the kiss."

".........HEY, I'm a Muggle too - "

(They both get detention for running in the corridors and trailing water everywhere, but who cares.)

pg, inspired by this |

It'd started with that time backstage when Jongdae had been sweating buckets, took a look at Minseok's amply filled pockets and asked for a tissue the same time Minseok turned and asked him if he had any change.

"Some," Jongdae had said, digging into his pockets to empty all the coins he'd had into Minseok's pockets as Minseok handed him a tissue. Jongdae hadn't thought anything of it then, till the next time he asked for a tissue.

"Where's the change, though," Minseok had blinked up at him, the very picture of faux-innocence.

"What are you," Jongdae laughed, "a dispensing machine?"

Minseok just held his pockets open in reply, and so began their little game. The third time Minseok dispensed an additional piece of candy he'd found in his bag when Jongdae slipped some change in his pocket, and the fifth time was a good surprise with the bear hug Minseok had thrown at him with a big grin (Jongdae had even let the lack of actual tissue slide). In truth, Jongdae had long stopped actually wanting tissue - by now Minseok dispenses whatever comes to his mind, and the surprise element is the best part; Jongdae especially likes when Minseok breaks into a cheeky grin before giving Jongdae some of the most random things (e.g. his sock). There's also the real loot that he gets sometimes, like the cap Minseok had been wearing one day, so that more than makes up for all the change.

Bored waiting for the lift downstairs, Jongdae finds some change in his pocket and taps Minseok's shoulder from behind to stick a 200 won coin in Minseok's hand, smile wide and anticipating. He'd been gunning for another one of those hugs, maybe, Minseok hadn't given out those so much lately, but nothing could have prepared him for the kiss that lands, light and playful, on the corner of his cheek a beat from his lips. Jongdae's cheeks are ablaze before he really parses anything, and he's staring at Minseok's grin quite lost for words.

Minseok just raises his eyebrows with a smirk, like that means anything and hurries through the open lift door. Jongdae's left staring at him across the threshold until Minseok laughs and tugs him in the lift, and if Jongdae reads Minseok's grin correctly, there'll be more where that came from.

(Jongdae's right.)

your field for me
pg, epilogue of sorts for chanhunsoo's skit during sukira |

It's a long time, before Kyungsoo can start meeting Sehun again, ask her about her day, have a platonic lunch as friends. Much after Chanyeol had had enough beer nights to piece back his broken heart, after Chanyeol had met another nice girl. It's strange restarting a friendship with the prior knowledge that the other person likes you - likes you enough to break up with your good friend - but perhaps Kyungsoo's thinking too much. It would be presumptuous of him to assume Sehun's been waiting for him to get over himself. He doesn't even know if Sehun's met anyone else recently, but he's fairly sure, in the quiet nights where he's honest, that no one else around him has ever creeped as close to his heart as Sehun has.

He was stupid, Baekhyun had told him, Chanyeol had begged him. Chanyeol and Sehun had already broken up, for Sehun's sake. Kyungsoo wouldn't have been overstepping anything - hell, it would have been best for everyone. But Kyungsoo just couldn't - Sehun deserved a fair chance at her own life, and Chanyeol had deserved a fair chance at mending his heart.

It's strange, somewhat, meeting like new friends for someone he's known so long, but also warm in a way that he's missed, that old blanket dug out of the bottom of your closet that's you've spent countless winters with. Sehun is exactly the same, the same smile that infectiously tugs the corners of Kyungsoo's mouth up, the same crinkly eyes sparkling of mischief, the same clear heart he'd fallen in love with a long time ago. There's a lot in Kyungsoo's mind that he doesn't trust himself to sieve.

By this fourth dinner together, though, after a few glasses of soju and coke, with the moon especially bright this summer evening, the space between their pinkies as Kyungsoo walks Sehun home seems a little too suffocating to bear, and he closes it, on impulse. Sehun looks calm, much calmer than Kyungsoo is feeling, and he wonders if that means anything. Is that a smudge of blush he's imagining on Sehun's cheeks?

Somewhere along the way, Kyungsoo's quite lost track of where they are, Sehun stops abruptly and turns to catch Kyungsoo's eye. Her gaze holds the pull of an ocean, when - before Kyungsoo can even register it, he's smelling the scent of her hair looking at her, with the memory of her lips on the corner of his.

"I had to," Sehun whispers, looking like she's not sure where she'd gotten the courage from, either, and turns to leave.

"Sehun!" Kyungsoo rushes forward, catching her hand - the whole of it, this time.

A deep breath, and - it all comes rushing out, the speech Kyungsoo never planned. "I was dumb, I'm sorry. I like you, a lot." Sehun doesn't blink. He can't quite place her expression, but somehow, in the pregnant pause that hangs between them, it looks exactly like how he feels. A tip forward is all he needs, to close the distance he'd never had the wherewithal to, but with the moonlight streaming silver on Sehun's cheeks, tonight feels like a night for courage.

cellphone-light dinner
pg, super old idea, inspired by this |

So it sucks, the whole dating shit. Chanyeol's been out of the game long enough that he doesn't remember what real dating feels like. His idea of a baller date is when they don't have a jillion cameras filming their every pimple and pore, and his idea of a really fucking great date is when they get the van to themselves and they get to make out. Like now, with merely a half-finished box of fried chicken to separate them. As close as romantic gets, by his standards.

"I saw a fancam of us, you know," Kris says, "at that last Gayo we were at. It looked cute."

"What, me?" Chanyeol angles his signature thumb-and-forefinger checkmark against his chin, plus his Colgate smile. "I know, right."

"Kind of," Kris shrugs and chews unattractively around a piece of chicken. "You kept glancing at me like a
romcom lead who's checking if his date is enjoying the movie."

"What," Chanyeol is emphatic in his denial. "I was not. You kept peeking at me, don't even front."

Kris shrugs again, takes a swig of his Coke. "It was cute, anyway. Not a bad date."

"Huh," Chanyeol hums, licking his lips. "I liked the one where I touched your butt."

"Wait, that's like all of them."

"Shut up," Chanyeol laughs, rolling his eyes, and shows Kris exactly why he should.
Tags: a: rubyls, f: exo, g: fluff, g: general, g: romance, p: baekhyun/jongdae, p: baekhyun/kyungsoo, p: baekhyun/sehun, p: chanyeol/jongdae, p: chanyeol/jongin, p: jongdae/jongin, p: jongdae/kyungsoo, p: jongdae/sehun, p: kris/chanyeol, p: kyungsoo/sehun, p: minseok/jongdae, p: minseok/yixing, r: g, r: nc-17, r: pg-13
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